"There are few events in life
I’d describe as life-changing:
falling in love, marriage,
having children, and
my three readings with Darcy that allowed me to get in touch with Spirit!"

"Your life will be changed forever for the better,
if you work with Darcy."

"I think Darcy does a wonderful job and is incredibly connected.
I highly, highly, HIGHLY, recommend her for anyone out there who would like a reading for their pets."

"I have never had a reading for a pet, and it was so much more than I expected!"

New! Booking Now: Karmically Delicious Cruise  – Oct. 7th-14th:

Join Darcy and other metaphysical experts on a cruise to the Mexican Rivera. Explore animal communication, mediumship, channeling, past life regressions, yoga, & more.
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Darcy Pariso, Medium and Anima, CommunicatorAs an Animal Intuitive and Medium, I use my abilities to connect with your loved ones and the animals in your life. These messages are as varied as their personalities. My readings are focused on providing evidence, communication and answering your questions. Our loved ones continue to support us from the other side and can provide guidance as they are very much aware of our life situations.

Animals are always happy to communicate, share their perspective and remind us of their unconditional love. Whether here or in spirit, animals can teach us about ourselves, and help us with any healing. Their only wish is for our happiness. It’s my honor to reunite you with your loved ones, offer proof that life goes on, and provide another opportunity to communicate what lies in your heart.