walkwayMediumship readings are an opportunity to reconnect with those you love and offer proof that the soul lives on.

I start each session by establishing a connection and blend my energies with your loved ones. I hear messages, see images, feel emotions and sometimes “just know” things. I will relay all information I receive and may ask you what certain images or particular events mean to you. I cannot guarantee who will come through or the evidence they will provide. Your loved ones often bring other family or friends with them, and sometimes someone unexpected comes before those you wish to hear from. It is important to validate each soul and message as there are reasons for both. It is also important to come with an open mind and heart, and appreciate everyone who shows up for you!

rhodyWhen receiving my own Mediumship readings I am always touched, as I am aware of the energy it takes for these souls to show up for us. I will not forget the effect on my own life when being asked to stand and receive a message from my Grandmother during a public platform reading. It was very powerful and has influenced my life choices.

I’ve witnessed the impact of your loved ones messages and guidance, laughed at humorous memories, and puzzled over details that only you would understand.  I’ve also wiped my own tears when feeling past regrets and the incredible love coming through for you.

I can help facilitate any healing that comes from answered questions and help release past hurts. I can also provide an opportunity to say goodbye and reassurances that you are never alone. Our loved ones and animals in our lives may not be in the physical body but they are always with us supporting us in spirit. 

“No judgement, No criticism, just Pure Love! That’s what you get when you have a session with Darcy. Genuine, heartfelt and amazingly uplifting. That is what I experienced in my reading with Darcy.”
–Rus Sullivan, Seattle  

"Darcy! I'm so glad our paths crossed. That was the intersection where my life started changing and I moved into a new direction and I adopted a new attitude. "
–Heather Disch Schweinsberg,
New York   

"The way she describes particulars about those on the other side that you are connecting with – or who wish to connect with you – lends great power to what messages are conveyed from those who have passed and greatly validates the experience. I am sometimes stunned at how well she describes personality and traits of these departed souls she has not met … and then connects messages from them in a context that ties it to their character, their own soul purpose and lessons, their experiences with you, and their recent journey here on earth."
–Larry Cenotto, Seattle 

"Darcy was the perfect coach and cheerleader. She is so warm, loving and accepting. Darcy has such a lovely, pure welcoming energy that you will bask in it. I always think 'Angel' when I look at Darcy, or hear her voice. Darcy received such incredible specifics from Spirit. Your life will be changed forever for the better, if you work with Darcy."
–Wendy Williams, Seattle